Salesforce Developer Skill


I am a Salesforce Administrator/Developer with over 4 years of experience. I have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and I am proficient in all aspects of Salesforce administration, including:
✓   User management: I can create, modify, and delete users, as well as assign permissions to users.
✓   Salesforce Integration: I have used the API to set Salesforce with 3rd party applications and web integrations.
✓   Data management: I can import and export data, as well as create and manage reports and dashboards.
✓   Process automation: I can automate business processes using Salesforce Flows and Process Builder.
✓   Security management: I can implement security policies and procedures to protect Salesforce data.
✓   System administration: I can install and upgrade Salesforce, as well as troubleshoot Salesforce problems.


A Certified Salesforce Process Automation Specialist with Double Star Ranger status on Trailblazer.
Detailed areas of specialization are well detailed on my Trailblazer page.

Major achievements

Some of my major achievements include:
✓   Adding a google map to a home page to show areas where a company was having installations done. This helped improve the companys efficiency as they could coordinate jobs and resources.
✓   Building a customer portal using Angular that communicates with Salesforce using the Salesforce API. The portal gave customers the ability to create tickets, view the status of their product and also udpate their information.
✓   Created a method by which Round Robin assignments can be implemented for any object. This method is quite unique and available to any business that would like to assign cases, leads or products in a round robin manner. More information is detailed in the Setup round robin assignments in Salesforce that you can manage and scale up page on the Adnab blog.

Rounding up

One of the organizations I am a part of as a Salesforce admin is Adnab. Adnab is a company that aims to equip businesses with efficient automated Salesforce systems to increase their efficiency. It is more affordable than most consultants, they have solid experience and are highly recommendable. Be sure to visit their website to speak to a Salesforce Consultant.

Looking for an Salesforce developer?

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